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Meet Our Leadership

Our Team Has The Experience to Solve Your Problems

At Management Solutions our leadership has many years of experience managing change within organisations in many industries, internationally. We have a team of internationally recognised consultants that we can task to solve the problems being experienced by your company. Call one of us to discuss how we can help you to resolve your problems.

The quality of our management team is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients, For this reason our senior management are exeptional people, with a skill set gained working in industry working in large multi-national companies, responsible for managing their development, and recognised for their achievements,

Our Senior Management Team is:

Bob Buchanan, Managing Director: Bob has worked as a management consultant, since 1986, and has worked for many companies and organizations worldwide. For the past 12 years he has held the position of Managing Director of Management Solutions, and has been instrumental in managing change in many organizations. Before working for Management Solutions he held senior positions with Rank Hovis McDougal, The Cooperative Wholesale Society, and was also the National Director for Food Procurement for the National Health Service in the UK.

Bob has worked in many areas of the world during his time with Management Solutions and has worked on projects in Europe, The Middle East, Russia, China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Greg Buchanan, Technical Director: Greg Has worked with Management Solutions for the past 12 months and heads up our technical sector, he is a IT expert, and has a depth of experience having worked for companies such as Logica, Rolls Royce, British Telecom, and The Office of National Statistics. Before this he was in the Royal Navy where he was involved in communications in the submarine service,serving on a nuclear attack submarine.

Mohammad Mo'men, Commercial Director: Mohammad has worked for many large organusations both in the Middle East where he was Chairman of Mo'men Group and he was also a board member of the Egyptian Chamber of Food Industries. At Management Solutions as well as managing clients projects, he is responsible for negotiating contracts with out larger clients.

Dr Satheesh Seshaiya, Business Development Director (UAE): Satheesh has worked for many organisations internationally and for many years has worked in the area of quality control and assurance. He has worked in many fields ranging from food to the oil industry. Satheesh has recently joined Management Solutions, and is reponsible for developing Management Solutions in the United Arab Emirates.